Companies and their management are increasingly held accountable and liable under criminal law. Being the subject of a criminal investigation is usually extremely burdensome and damaging, and even more so if it attracts publicity. Good case management is the key, as is bringing such a case to a conclusion as quickly and quietly as possible.


Criminal cases against companies are usually settled out of court and this can be an attractive solution for companies. However, recent cases show that sometimes companies can be disproportionately affected by these settlements and how they came about. The process leading up to a sound settlement calls for experienced lawyers who can manoeuvre with care, know their opponents and have finely honed instincts.

The lawyers of Lumen Lawyers have been involved in the most delicate out-of-court settlements, some of which attracted publicity but more often than not stayed out of the limelight.


Assistance to executives

While legal entities usually focus on settlements, boards of management are increasingly being regarded as suspects and actually prosecuted. It is important to act proactively because the damage done in the first stages is usually irreparable.Ā  Again, proactive action is the key in order to keep criminal investigations as short as possible. Nevertheless, court proceedings are occasionally inevitable, and in that case you would want skilled courtroom operators who hit the right notes and obtain the best possible results. The lawyers at Lumen Lawyers have successfully represented many captains of industry and defence of executives is in fact their core business.


Aldo Verbruggen