In launching Lumen Lawyers, we have been guided by our love for what we do and our values. To us, practising our profession at the highest level is not just a matter of course, but a matter of principle. We are legal service providers with heart and soul. We put our knowledge and knowhow to work for our clients and their cases. This means that our actions are always aimed at realising the best solution in the most effective way. This, to us, is the only way to do our job – and the only way to make that job worthwhile.

Boosting profits for partners is not our goal because there can be no welfare without wellbeing. The human dimension is fundamental to how we work. Therefore, we work hard but leave room in our schedules to be more than just lawyers. Our working hours are flexible, but never at the expense of clients or their cases. We genuinely believe that lawyers whose horizons go beyond the law are the better service providers.

Our services come at reasonable rates which are clearly agreed upon in advance.

We are Lumen Lawyers. Let us explain how we do things.


Lumen Lawyers distinguishes itself through clear agreements. What is seen by others as an “alternative” is the norm with us. The starting point is that we agree on a price for a product or project, thereby offering certainty. If there is no other option, perhaps because the course of a procedure cannot be predicted, we work on the basis of an hourly rate. However, even then we would provide you with a realistic estimate, in which various scenarios are hypothesized.

How we work

Our services begin with an analysis. Next we set an objective and determine a strategy, together with you.

We are creative and out-of-the box thinkers. We do not like to make matters overly complex in legal terms because only rarely does this help a case. We always have your best interests at heart. For that purpose, we are not afraid to be outspoken. Our expertise and experience oversees the playing field adroitly. Consequently, there is no need to take cover. We stand by our advice, and all our subsequent actions are directed at executing our strategy and reaching our goals. This means that we will navigate the context relevant to your case correctly, persistently, convincingly and strategically.

Human Dimension

We do not have a traditional division of tasks aimed at achieving a financial target and we treat each other respectfully and horizontally. Work is done at the most cost-effective level within the organization. Our support staff are highly capable and we can confidently entrust them with the work that traditionally is done unnecessarily by lawyers. This not only gives them involved responsibility, but also leads to improved efficiency.

The same goes for the division of responsibilities among our lawyers: any new legal task is taken on by the lawyer most suitable for it. All lawyers at Lumen Lawyers are fully qualified and as we are co-workers who complement each other, not compete with each other, we believe that trust, understanding, respect and lack of hierarchy are key. We all work to achieve a common goal.

ICT and facility

We were able to design our office without the burden of a past. ICT and facility are state-of-the-art to optimally facilitate lawyer and client. You will have real-time access to your case, so you will be able follow it closely.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is not just a catch phrase at Lumen Lawyers. An organisation and the people behind the organisation actually give substance to what we see as our social responsibility.

Our choices are sustainability-based. We make contributions to charities, individually and as an organisation and we usually work pro bono for non-for-profit foundations and NGO’s. Furthermore, we would not turn away individuals who might need our specific expertise but cannot afford us.

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