Experienced specialists

The lawyers of Lumen Lawyers have in-depth knowledge of procedural tax law, and a wealth of experience with litigation and representation in tax matters which include:

  • (International) requests for information
  • Supervision of tax audits
  • Objection and appeal to assessments, penalties and/or decisions requiring information
  • Appeals to the Supreme Court
  • Voluntary correction/disclosure
  • Deferred payment of tax liabilities
  • Liability actions
  • Other disputes with the Collector of Taxes.

All expertise under one roof

The lawyers at Lumen Lawyers frequently act for clients who are the subjects of criminal investigations by the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) and the Public Prosecution Service. Accomplished experts in these areas, our lawyers pair knowledge of tax law with knowledge of criminal (procedural) law. Furthermore, we are very well informed about the rules that the authorities must follow when conducting criminal investigations or inspections.


Aldo Verbruggen